About Us

Nancy EndaraHola! I am Nancy Endara, owner of Quechua Fair Trade. We are located in Muncie, Indiana.

Quechua is a fair trade business, which means your purchase supports living wages, doing things sustainably, while respecting cultural traditions. I am from Ecuador and want to help empower our native communities in Ecuador, Perú, and Bolivia through the purchase and sale of Fair Trade clothing and accessories.

Quechua purchases exclusively through verified members of the Fair Trade Federation, who are committed to putting the people and planet first in all they do.

Why Quechua?

Quechua is an ancient native language belonging to Incan civilization. Quechua is spoken in the Andes Region in South America with more than 12 million people who speak the language. It is an official language in Perú and Bolivia.

My favorite word in Quechua is YUPAYCHANI, which means Gracias/Thank you. Thank you for supporting our native communities!